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PDF | The motivation to write this textbook stemmed from a course of engineering geology given by the author to undergraduate students in the. Foundations of Engineering Geology. FULL ACCESS SubjectsEngineering & Technology DownloadPDF MB Read online. Book. Language English. Title. Foundations of engineering geology. Author(S) Tony Waltham (Author). Publication. Data. London: Spon Press. Publication. Date .

White [15] shows that geological knowledge was appreciated and used by such masters as Marcus Vitruvius Polio 1st century BC , Leonardo da Vinci the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries and William Smith the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries [17].

Zekkos et al. However, the year is con- sidered as the beginning of modern engineering geology. Construction engineers at least since the eighteenth century felt the need for a theoretical descrip- tion of the cooperation of foundation and ground. There is a big merit in this field due to: Coulomb , Rankine , Boussinesq , Pauker , Mohr , Kurdiumov , Prandtl , and many others [16].

For the the- ory to be successfully applied in practice it is necessary to introduce appropriate theo- retical models and simplifications, depending on the characteristics of soil. This way of analyzing the interaction between the ground and the foundation immediately aroused great interest and inspired the development of new fields of engineering knowledge — soil mechanics.

In parallel with the development of theories, a lot of energy was used in technology of research focused on soil in the labo- ratory and in the field. Owing to the new research technology, especially the laboratory one, there is the possibility of determining and measuring certain properties of soils.

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This field of knowledge is called soil behavior [12], [13], [16], [17]. The soil behavior was closely related to the soil mechanics, and later it became a part of it.

In this way, both soil behavior and soil mechanics have become components of engineering geology. The more geological-engineering work had been performed, the greater was the need to exchange ideas and experiences.

Firstly, geo- technics went to the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom and Germany [6], then to the United States geotechnics, geotechnical engineering. Geotechnics was organized in several national committees Sweden, France. Important events of the early development of the fields of engineering geology and geotechnics are given in table 1. In practice, these are often used as alternatives.

Engineering geology and geotechnics, as history shows, have the pedigree and the same goal. How- ever, their position in the structure of science, especially in civil engineering is not clearly defined. Depending on the views, geotechnics is considered to be the part of engineering geology [17], or vice versa engineering geology as part of geo- technics [11].

To date, the boundaries between the engineering geology and the geotech- nics have not been clearly defined.

Foundations of Engineering Geology

Therefore, in many situations there is the question of competence between engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. Engineering geology against the background of other disciplines viewed according to materials of the 7th IAEG Congress [7] 20 J. KOSZELA-MAREK From the historical development, the essence of engineering geology in the origi- nal meaning lies in describing the geological environment in terms of needs of civil engineering and geotechnics — using data of the geological environment in the civil engineering.

Figures 1, 2 and 3 illustrate different approaches to engineering geology and geo- technics, and their place among the related sciences.

The relation between geotechnics, engineering geology and construction [5] Fig. Geotechnics, geology and civil engineering viewed against the background of other disciplines [2] Engineering geology and geotechnics in civil engineering 21 Presented above the three general groups of views figures 1, 2, 3 seem to be clear. However, the ranking of criteria and competencies of engineering geology and geotechnics still remains unresolved.

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Foundations of Engineering Geology

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