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Editorial Reviews. Review. "This series has a bit of everything--magic, myth, action, Ascend: Book Three in the Trylle Trilogy eBook: Amanda . Amanda Hocking is an indie publishing sensation whose self-published novels have sold millions of copies all over the world. Step into the world of the Trylle. Amanda Hocking is twenty-six years old, lives in Minnesota and had never sold a single Torn. Trylle Trilogy (Series). Book 2. Amanda Hocking Author ().

The lore is original and enchanting, the romance is sweet and heartbreaking, and Wendy's sacrifices will tear you apart. I can't wait to get my hands on the final installment! Definitely a book worth downloading! If not for the gorgeous cover, then download it for the coolest trolls you will ever read about in your life! View all 13 comments. It's also very long and somewhat detailed. Second re-read: The time schedule from first book to now is about a month; in book one, it was four months until Wendy turns 18, now it's three.

The the timeline is quite short, which is bothering me. A lot. I need the timeline to be longer for it to be more realistic.

Anyway, Wendy finds out who her father is, the reason why the Vittra is so desperate to have her. Now Wendy has to do her duty, what's best for her people, and her only hope of saving the Trylle is to master her magical powers—and marry an equally powerful royal.

Overall, Wendy is a character I can barely stand. She's so weak, though she's better in this book than the first. Tove is actually the only interesting character in the whole series, though Loki does interest me a bit. I would rather read Tove's story though Suitors will come and go, but you will remain. I've put these in a spoilers tag simply because it's a long list; contains spoilers.

He find the changelings and bring them back. He also acts as a guard. He and his father is apparently the best. She the Queen, Wendy is the Princess. She are her only child, the last of her legacy.

She will one day be Queen of Trylle. Elora has precognition: She picks up the brush, and it just. Rhys is human. He were switched at birth because of a changeling; Wendy. Meaning that when she took the place of another baby, that baby had to go somewhere else. Meaning Rhys is Michael, Matt's real brother..

Finn had been a tracker for Willa, so he knew her and her father, Garrett Stroms in his mid-forties , quite well.

According to Finn, Garrett was easygoing, but Willa was a tad high-strung. The Stroms are very good friends of Elora. Willa can controlled the wind and her official title is Marksinna.

Her dad is a Markis, which is just a male Marksinna. The Kroners are very important people. They affect the future. Tove is a psychic. He can sense things. And he can move things with his mind. He can see auras, though. He is particularly sensitive to emotion. And when he move things, it helps focus him. The Marksinna are usually the ones with all the abilities. Guys can do some things, but they pale in comparison to what women can do, yet Tove has more ability than anybody else. She can touch you and fix you.

Sara Elsing , his queen and a healer. The Vittra palace in Ondarike: Oren ages, but at a much slower rate, and he heals very quickly. He is nearly a hundred years old.

We find out that Oren is Wendy's father. Jen is really in for hurting Wendy every time they meet. Though clumsy and small, he is smarter than most people give him credit for. Ember , Finn's sister. Thomas , his father. In fact, it was so rare, Tove only knew of one other Trylle in the entire kingdom who had blue eyes. Bain was only a few years older than Tove, and he was slender and almost delicate-looking, like a young Johnny Depp.

That made his eyes stand out even more, and seem incredibly entrancing. His shaggy hair was surprisingly light for a Vittra, almost blond. Sara, the Queen, was once Loki's betrothed; an arranged marriage—until Oren decided he wanted her to be his bride.

A Markis like Loki is awfully strong. Like Wendy, he is half Vittra and half Trylle. That I could fight with, argue against, try to legislate. Quick basic facts: Love triangle? But yes, if you like YA, I guess. Will I read this again in the future? New Rating - 2 stars. D New rate: First read: This is so awesome! First rate: May 23, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: Torn picks up right where Switched left off.

She brings along Rhys, the human boy with whom she was switched a Torn picks up right where Switched left off. She brings along Rhys, the human boy with whom she was switched at birth. She convinces herself that her main goal in this endeavor is to introduce her adopted brother, Matt, to Rhys, his long-lost biological sibling. But getting away from her mom and the stifling rules of the Trylle Court is definitely part of it.

The three kids have scarcely met up when they are kidnapped by the Vittra, a rival nation of trolls. Oren, king of the Vittra, cares nothing for the two human boys in his dungeon, but has a particular interest in Wendy. Much as Wendy dislikes her mom and Trylle society, she finds them marginally more palatable than view spoiler [her apparent father and his minions hide spoiler ] , and she has no intention of cooperating with him.

She accidentally causes a lot of minor damage through sloppy use of persuasion and sees the necessity of fine-tuning her talent. Meanwhile, Finn continues to be cold and distant, which frustrates Wendy to no end.

He says he does, but Duty Comes First. Thus, he refuses to be more than civil to Wendy, even though it tortures her. Back in Vittra-land, Oren is pretty annoyed that his powerful daughter escaped, and Loki contrives to go after her alone. Content Advisory Violence: A lot of punching and kicking and combatants flying through windows. Little blood shown. Pretty much the same as the last time around. They start snogging again at the very end of this installment, but are interrupted by his father.

Wendy and Rhys stumble on view spoiler [Matt and Willa canoodling on a bed; the two older kids are quite embarrassed to be caught in this situation. Wendy also gets kissed by Loki, who feels that the two of them are bound by destiny.


He wants her to run away with him, but she refuses, confused by all the sudden changes in her life hide spoiler ]. The Chancellor continues to be an old perv who thinks creepy thoughts about Wendy and various other women young enough to be his granddaughter, much to the disgust of Tove, who can hear his thoughts.

No F-bombs this time. Substance Abuse: Everybody lightly imbibes champagne at Trylle festivities. Nightmare Fuel: What makes them nightmare fuel is the fact that two human-looking Vittra can conceive such a monstrosity. Conclusions The Trylle trilogy has a goofy-sounding title, and the books themselves have so far been, well, goofy. That said, this series is a lot more pleasant than other examples of paranormal YA from the same era.

Why is this so? Because the melodrama in this is a lot less intense than many of its contemporaries. Loki, meanwhile, is earnest and full of hope. He likes her not just for her looks, but for some strange affinity he senses between the two of them.

I actually like Loki. During book one, I found Finn tolerable but boring. When Loki showed up, I wondered if Finn was necessary for the story at all. He almost disappears about halfway through this book and only flares up again at the end.

Wendy's still an idiot. She hasn't listened to the Beatles in years and doesn't like chocolate, all of which makes me seriously question her sanity. But by the end of this book, she has decided to put her angst on hold and go through with something uncomfortable to help out her future queendom.

Good job, Wendy. Queen Elora turned out to be a more complex, interesting, and empathetic character once her backstory is told. Oren so far is a pretty one-dimensional villain, but I thought Elora was one-dimensional in Switched , so he too might improve upon closer acquaintance.

Some people have made fun of the world of this series, populated as it is with beautiful trolls. But there is actual precedent for that in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. View 2 comments. Feb 15, Azbaqiyah rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know what to say Jul 07, Darren Hagan rated it really liked it. Torn is such a better book than Switched, holy guacamole?! The only things I didn't like we're Finn his entire character - grr , and the ending was a bit anticlimactic in my opinion.

Wendy was so much more tolerable in this book. She was a lot more selfless and friendly, and she is actually shaping up to be a good queen.

But I swear if she ends up with Finn Seriously, Loki is actual bae right now. I don't have a guy crush. Not at all. Other than the little love triangle, I liked the character development for some of the side characters. We got to see a more compassionate side to Elora, it was nice to have Matt around and to see him changing things with the Trylle folk, and I just love Rhys in general even though he wasn't as present this time.

But I must say, Tove is adorable. Honestly I spent a lot of time being unsure if he was trustworthy, even though I still liked him the entire time.

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And then when we found out more about him at the end, I loved him even more. I've been really craving some fantasy and even though this isn't strictly a fantasy book since its set in a little troll community in the modern US, it reads a lot more like a fantasy than Switched with the monarchs and a bit of royal politics. This series has surprised me because I didn't think I would feel this strongly about the characters given my initial opinion from the first book.

My friend tells me the final book is her favourite so I'm actually really excited to start it! Feb 12, Kayla rated it it was amazing. An amazing sequel and LOKI my love! Unfortunately, Torn is even worse than the first, lacking in many of the things Switched had to offer.

It's really hard to get into a book when the main character insists and refuses to do anything in any way but her own. And the similarities to Richelle Mead 's Vampire Academy series?

Maybe Amanda Hocking didn't mean for that to happen, or for anyone to be aware of it, but I tend to pick up on the littlest of things. We'll start off with the whole "I love my mentor but he won't love me back Unfortunately, Torn is even worse than the first, lacking in many of the things Switched had to offer. We'll start off with the whole "I love my mentor but he won't love me back thing" we have going on here.

Doesn't that remind you of a certain couple? A certain Rose and Dimitri, perhaps? And Loki reminds me of Adrian, despite how much I try to deny it.

Then we have those jealousy moments. Such as when Finn saw Wendy with Loki. Which again brings me back to Dimitri, Rose, and Adrian. For the sake of this series, I hope the last book can surprise me in some way, shape, or form. I'd hate to dislike something with such potential.

If Wendy could only stop being that damsel in distress and start kicking some butt, I'd be more than happy to support Amanda's future works. View all 20 comments. Sep 18, Alyssa rated it really liked it.

Martin's Griffin Publication Date: February 28, Rating: Review copy sent by the publisher Summary from Goodreads: With the threat of war looming, her only hope of saving the Trylle is to master her magical powers—and marry an equally powerful royal. What I Liked: Ahhh, this book was good.

I so enjoyed it. I liked the first book, Switched, but this book is exactly what a sequel should be like, exactly how the second of a three-book trilogy should function. So much more makes sense, and I feel like so much more has been solidified.

A Trylle Novel

Wendy runs away from her mother's palace in Minnesota, and goes back home to Matt and Maggie Only to be captured by the Vittra, putting herself, Rhys, and Matt in danger. She meets Loki, the Vittra prince, who isn't who she thought he would be. He lets them escape, then gets caught by Elora, but never tries to capture Wendy.

Torn really is the perfect title for this book, on so many levels. I think I like Wendy a lot more in this book. Not that I didn't completely like her in book one, but I understand her more in this book, and really feel for her.

A sense of duty rules her life, and takes away many choices. Wendy is kind and sometimes selfless, and she has a certain humanity to her that the Trylle and the Vittra don't have. I said above that this book function perfectly as a sequel novel, book two of three. Book one was all about Wendy and who she is. This book introduced the big picture, the huge problem that the Vittra pose, and why the Vittra want her so badly.

Wendy is taken to the Vittra stronghold, and I think this is perfect and totally necessary. It's great to see both sides of the troll feud. Now we know what is at stake for both the Trylle and the Vittra.

Honestly, I don't see one side or the other as the "good" side or the "bad" side. I think they are both equally not ideal, and I wouldn't want to be involved in either kingdom, but duty rules the life of a Princess, so I understand.

Both sides of the feud are justified, and both have their pros and cons. Okay, okay. The romance. I thought the romance was a little confusing, in book one. We have Finn, Wendy's tracker and bodyguard. Wendy is totally fixated on him, when everything starts to change in book one, and she learns what she - and he - is.

Then there is Tove, the Trylle Markis who seems to be a nice match for a Princess, at least from a political perspective. Sometimes, I thought Rhys was a possibility too.

Rhys is more like a brother to Wendy. Finn broke Wendy's heart - but the thing is, to me, Finn seemed like that infatuation that you have when you dive head-first into a new world. So who does that leave?

Why, Loki, of course! I really hope the romance stays solid in his direction, because he and Wendy are really great for each other, at least in terms of political situation, personality, and values. Plus, they're totally attracted to one another. That being said, I'm not entirely sure why everyone was so up in arms about Loki being introduced as a love interest.

I mean, I was never feeling Finn to begin with - he's like that whirlwind love interest that doesn't quite stick. Tove always seemed like a friend, and Rhys, a brother. I think Loki and Wendy really connect. But that's just me. I feel like there is going to be a massive mess of crazy battles in book three. The big showdown, in terms of Trylle versus Vittra, should be fun! I hope. I'm pretty excited about book three! Especially for the romance.

Team Loki! What I Did Not Like: I think I wanted a little more depth from this story. YES, it does a great job of setting up the big picture. There are lots of crazy things going on, like curses and death and weird procreation problems and things. But it seemed a bit cliche? Maybe something even more mind-blowing and creative. On the surface, the conflicts are good though, they make a great story.

I feel like the troll thing is glossed over a lot. I almost forget that Wendy and everyone are trolls - they might as well be human!

The only thing that is constantly reminded is the aversion to most foods. The troll thing could be a bit more prevalent, you know? Would I Recommend It: At this point, sure!

Amanda Hocking - Author

I'm really enjoying the story, and the romance. It's more of a detached interest, since I'm binging the series, but I'm invested enough to keep going, you know? I'm rooting for Wendy! And Loki. Mostly Loki. Be on the lookout for my review of Ascend, book three, to be posted on September 25th! At this point, I have three books to read before I get to that one I can't wait!

Torn, book 2 of Amanda Hocking's Trylle trilogy, is a very easy book to read and it wouldn't charge you too much time and effort, but the writing is so plain that it lacks tone, style, tension, foreshadowing and graceOkay, just about everything which would make the book interesting.

Instead we are once again stuck with the uninteresting Wendy's first person POV throughout the entire book, and her narration is becoming counter-productive to the story. For most of the book Wendy is focused on th Torn, book 2 of Amanda Hocking's Trylle trilogy, is a very easy book to read and it wouldn't charge you too much time and effort, but the writing is so plain that it lacks tone, style, tension, foreshadowing and graceOkay, just about everything which would make the book interesting.

For most of the book Wendy is focused on three people: I also didn't expect to get so angry with a fictional character when I started reading Torn. But it turns out I found Wendy Everly, the 'heroine' of the story, is so weak, selfish, impulsive and immature a character that whatever good things the book could have offered are outweighed by her, no kidding.

Plus I can't think of anything else which may be as endangering to the Trylle community as putting Wendy on the throne.

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I mean, look at her! She acts and talks like any other immature, air-headed teenager, she demands things without any presentable reason to back her demand up, e. She just yells "No you can't kill him! She has the intelligence, common sense and self-control of a ten years old kid. She was being described as kind and caring by her friends but I never see her being kind enough to go around making friends with servants and commoners, not even bothers enough to have conversations with members of the lower ranks to know their situations!

What kind of 'heroine' and future ruler is that? It also bothers me that after Wendy learnt her mother, Queen Elora is fatally ill due to overusing her psychic power, Wendy, who possesses awesome power of her own, never once offers up her own power to help Elora so the older woman might get a break from overusing her power! Not once! If it's how Wendy would treat her own mother I don't care how estranged they're supposed to be!

Last but not least, I also dislike how Wendy always thinks of her 'host mother', Kim, as a horrible woman and nothing else. From book 1 Switched, we learnt that Kim knew Wendy isn't her real child and tried to kill her. Okay, I agree your mother trying to kill you is a terrible thing, but why can you still keep blaming her nonstop after Kim had already suffered losing her son Rhys and never got to see him again, had been locked up for years, everyone thinks she's insane and her older son Matt hates her to boots?

Wouldn't you think this woman deserves a little bit of sympathy? I'm totally fed up by their "I love him, I can't be with him. He's ignoring me, but I want to get his attention! Being the opposite of the law-obeying Finn, Loki is being painted as the bad boy who doesn't play by rules and is daring to go against his powerful, fearsome King. All these are fine with me but I can't get why he's so keen to get Wendy at all. Why would a bad boy like him choose to be with a boring, needy, goody-two-shoes Princess while risking his neck for it!?

I would rather have Loki approaching Wendy for his own hidden agenda at first and then grows to be fond of her still, pity tells what's there to be fond of! And Tove, although I'm glad he got a larger part to play in book 2, but it's pretty predicable that he eventually turns out gay. Plus he's the only major male character who isn't romantically involved with Wendy.

Oh great, everyone wants Wendy, saves the gay one. How terribly typical. No complex, no plot twist, nothing. No, don't tell me Wendy getting engaged counts as an important affair, I'm reading a novel about two powerful supernatural races being at war!

Not The Princess Diaries, damn it! Here is a few of my suggestion for how things should go for the story and the Trylle kingdom: Plus, I'm glad that we got to see more about Elora and how she is really like both as a person and a ruler.

Maybe by working together they can change the inequality within their society. These guys make a lot more sensible decision and choices than Wendy ever did in an entire book. Oh hell, these supporting characters have more potential than Wendy and her love interests put together.

For example, If the author really wants to make Loki into a worthy love interest, she should have developed a Loki's POV alongside Wendy's. Mar 11, Kristin Edwards rated it liked it. My main issue with Amanda Hocking is that she has no sense of rise and fall. She doesn't know how to bring the story to a high point and then leave you heaving with suspense in the conclusion.

She made an improvement from the first book by giving you reason to believe that the series will continue.

She left Wendy's relationship with her father, the Vittra King, open for us to find out later. We still don't have much of a handle on who Wendy is and what she wants. We know she thinks that she's pr My main issue with Amanda Hocking is that she has no sense of rise and fall. We know she thinks that she's pretty, she is very powerful, and she wants to marry for love. We don't know who she loves because she adds male candidates up in her mind at random. She is constantly admiring the good looks of the men around her and then deciding that they aren't for her.

She won't even settle on liking Loki for sure. And now she's noncommittal about her feelings for Finn. We know she doesn't love Tove and now she's doing everything for the kingdom's sake with no consideration to herself.

She starts putting her own thoughts aside, which were few to begin with, to work hard on harnessing the power that we hear about over and over again. Wendy did develop as a strong female character who is kind and cares about people.

But that's about it. She has no complexity. She is forgettable and not worthy of being the main character. Even supporting female, Willa, had a stronger personality. She is very clear about what she wants and when she wants it. You know what her definite interests are and you know how she thinks her life should be. That kind of characterization should be applied to our heroine. It would make her significantly more interesting.

I also don't like that Hocking followed along the love triangle route. I understand that it's really "in" right now, but that is exactly why she should have done something different. The idea that a lot of men would be attracted to royalty isn't a stretch, but Finn doesn't want her because she's royalty and Loki couldn't care less. Tove is forced to be with her because of their bloodline and he isn't interested in slightest. I like the way that Hocking makes it so you aren't sure what side Loki is on.

She might have given away too much vulnerability in Loki, but you still have to wonder what his motivation is. It is hard to believe that he's fallen in love with her already because let's face it, none of the readers are really in love with her and we know a lot more about her but he seems to really hate the Vittra King.

So I have high hopes for Loki. Finn is too honor-bound to love Wendy the way she loves him. Everytime he slips and reveals his feelings to her, he gets horribly angry and then makes her feel bad about herself. He has abusive relationship written all over him.

His rounds of jealousy are kind of sweet but also very childish. So I'm team Loki on this one. He can go on my list with Jacob and Gale. I don't have good luck on picking the team that actually wins This novel had improvements from the first novel but also so glaring problems. She is very repetitive and makes most of her characters one-dimensional. Elora is the most complex character in the whole book and that isn't saying a whole lot.

I've developed attachments to a lot of characters but unfortunately not the main ones. It is a sad day in literature when I'm continuing to read more to find out what happens to Tove and Loki. But that's good enough for me. I'll be looking for the third installment and hoping the Hocking continues to takes steps forward in her writing style. Great story teller, just needs polish.

View 1 comment. Apr 01, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was really obvious that this was a very, very bad choice,one she would regret. A sassy but surpsisingly helpful and ridiculously handsome Vittra,who doesn't seem to agree with the king there is so much more I want to say but I will try to keep this review spoiler free. Of course there is a love triangle in the making,but I believe in this point it was necessary. He couldn't give her a closure,he just kept on tormenting her and making her feel miserable,because he couldn't decide what to do.

He wanted her but he was bound by duty. He caused her only pain,and it really made my heart break. So Loki is the perfect solution,the one who is capable of mending her heart. He seems determined to fight for her while Finn is giving up on her. He does so from the start. I like Wendy's development so far and the desicion to fight for her people,even by sacrificing her own happiness. Tove is so freaking adorable,he has a good heart and wants to change the status quo for the best! And Duncan is a sweetheart,so clumpsy but loyal and helpful!

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And Elora isn't that bad,not once you get to know her! Torn was a great second book in the Trylle trilogy,getting us ready for the ultimate desicions Wendy will have to make,one about her kingdom and one about her heart! Aug 16, Wart Hill rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 28, Meital rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Seriously, that was crap. And on top of all married to the third guy? Waste of time!! View all 8 comments.

The story had me so engaged, that I could not put it down. I was reading in the car, at school, on my bed, at the dinner table, and in the media room. You could call it an obsession.

In this paranormal tale, Wendy learns at the age of seventeen that she is a troll. Amanda Hocking carefully twisted this plot with all sorts of surprises. I guarantee that you have not read a series quite like this before. Plain and simple — Wendy rocks!

She starts out unsure and confused. The beauty lies in how Wendy grows and changes. As her confidence grows, she becomes the girl err troll she was always meant to be. Wendy has more boy trolls after her than she keep track of. They are all nice in their own way, but they each have their unique traits. Finn is protective. Loki is a flirt. Tove is like a brother. I loved them all. If you are looking for a battle, you have come to the right place.

Amanda Hocking has written some of the most epic battle scenes ever. Sure these scenes are filled with the physical battle, but they also contain the emotions behind the fight. This series about trolls surprised and entertained me. I will definitely be looking for more Amanda Hocking books to read. I also love the turquoise and black because it has a mysterious feel to it. View all 6 comments.

So difficult to choose if I like Tove or Loki more. They both are so sweet and likeable. Anyway Finn was even worse then in the first book. Matt and Rhys were completly useless. More dangers are to come as the Vittra are aware where Wendy is and that she has reached the age and is capable of becoming queen. After complications, which consequence in Finn to leave, Wendy finds leaving as the only choice. Also a mysterious, handsome Vittra, Loki is not what he appears to be and Wendy cannot come to terms with why she wants to protect him and what exactly she feels for him.

Amanda Hocking has created new atmospheres which were non-existent and the World of Trolls unravels innovative mysteries keeping the reader intrigued into the story. A lovely twist entwining secrets and upcoming events that untangle and reveal thrilling and captivating ideas that leave you imploring to read Ascend, the final chapter of the Trylle Trilogy.

I'm now solidly immersed within the world of the Trylle and eager to witness Wendy's humble rise to Queendom. With the exception of my disdain for all the "adults" in this story, and my hair pulling frustration at the gutless wonder that is Finn this guy I loved that Matt Wendy's brother from her human host family returned to play a much more su 3. I loved that Matt Wendy's brother from her human host family returned to play a much more substantial and stabilising role in Wendy's recently upturned life.

Considering my negative reactions to Finn and his "duty comes above all else" bullshit, it is no wonder that the introduction of Loki, the cocky and dashing Vittra Markis Prince of the Trylle enemy , stole my heart.

Let's make this happen, people. Amanda Hocking is an indie publishing sensation whose self-published novels have sold millions of copies all over the world, and Switched is the book that started the phenomenon. Prepare to be Enter the magical world of the Trylle with the full e-book collection: Eleven years later, Wendy discovers she is Her love of pop culture and all things paranormal influence her writing. She spends her time in Minnesota, taking care of her menagerie of pets and working on her next book.

Read about Hocking in The Guardian. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Books in this Series. Switched Commercial. About the author.The Official Aman There's a love triangle with Finn, her tr This book is an honourable sequel to the Trylle world, with plenty of character development and interesting story.

Eleven years later, Wendy discovers her mother might have been right. Let's start with the world building. Wendy confronts her mother about what Oren told her in her stay at the Vittra palace, to which Elora tells Wendy of her past and the arranged marriage between Wendy's father and her. There needs to be a beginning I can't wait to get my hands on the final installment! The Characters - Wendy was a big part of why I didn't like this book that much.

Aaron Patterson. We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them.