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Pandora's Box: A History of the First World War [Jörn Leonhard, Patrick “This is probably the meatiest and most comprehensive WWI book yet published. With Pandora's Box, the answer is definitely yes. In this book, German historian Jorn Leonhard examines the war's causes and impacts from a. In a monumental history of WWI, Germany's leading historian of the first great 20th-century catastrophe explains the war's origins and course.

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About the Author Allison Hobbs is a national bestselling author of more than thirty novels and has been featured in such periodicals as Romantic Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Read more. Product details Series: Zane Presents Mass Market Paperback: Strebor Books April 26, Language: English ISBN Start reading Pandora's Box: A Novel on your site in under a minute.

Pandora's Box

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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention pandoras box allison hobbs main character massage parlor debut novel fast money character victoria good read sex for money called pandora felt like victoria carlton next novel good book victoria was able book and the author time book reading this book box should be called pandora kareem.

Showing of 58 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. Mass Market Paperback Verified download. Pandoras Box should be called Pandora's Drama. This was surely a steam roller. Baby girl Victoria's life gonna have you really hoping she was a lil more ghetto in the beginning because she never stand up for herself or does she.

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Get the book and see if life in the brothel is really life or a heavy weight. Allison never fail me. Pandora's Box: site Edition Verified download. Pandora opened a jar left in his care containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils which were then released into the world.

Review of Jorn Leonhard’s “Pandora’s Box, A History of the First World War”

From this story has grown the idiom "to open a Pandora's box", meaning to do or start something that will cause many unforeseen problems. The mistranslation of pithos is usually attributed to the 16th century humanist Erasmus who, in his Latin account of the story of Pandora, changed the Greek pithos to pyxis , meaning "box".

In his version the box is opened by Epimetheus , whose name means 'Afterthought' — or as Hesiod comments, "he whom mistakes made wise". There were alternative accounts of jars or urns containing blessings and evils bestowed upon humanity in Greek myth, of which a very early account is related in Homer 's Iliad:.

On the floor of Jove's palace there stand two urns, the one filled with evil gifts, and the other with good ones. He for whom Jove the lord of thunder mixes the gifts he sends, will meet now with good and now with evil fortune; but he to whom Jove sends none but evil gifts will be pointed at by the finger of scorn, the hand of famine will pursue him to the ends of the world, and he will go up and down the face of the earth, respected neither by gods nor men.

Hope is the only good god remaining among mankind; the others have left and gone to Olympus. Trust, a mighty god has gone, Restraint has gone from men, and the Graces , my friend, have abandoned the earth.

Men's judicial oaths are no longer to be trusted, nor does anyone revere the immortal gods; the race of pious men has perished and men no longer recognize the rules of conduct or acts of piety. The poem seems to hint at a myth in which the jar contained blessings rather than evils. It is confirmed in the new era by an Aesopic fable recorded by Babrius , in which the gods send the jar containing blessings to humans.

Once the lid was replaced, only hope remained, "promising that she will bestow on each of us the good things that have gone away. In the Renaissance, the story of the jar was revisited by two immensely influential writers, Andrea Alciato in his Emblemata and the Neo-Latin poet Gabriele Faerno in his collection of a hundred fables Fabulum Centum , He is shown holding the lid of a large storage jar from which female representations of the Roman virtues are flying up into the air.

They are identified by their names in Latin: Hope spes is delayed on the lip and holds aloft the flower that is her attribute. In Hesiodic scholarship, the interpretive crux has endured: A number of mythology textbooks echo the sentiments of M. First, how are we to render elpis , the Greek word usually translated as "hope"?

Second, does the jar preserve Elpis for men, or keep Elpis away from men? The first question might confuse the non-specialist. But as with most ancient Greek words, elpis can be translated a number of ways. A number of scholars prefer the neutral translation of "expectation.

How one answers the first question largely depends on the answer to the second question: Some have argued that logic dictates, therefore, that the jar acts as a prison for Elpis as well, withholding it from the human race.

All the evils in the world were scattered from Pandora's jar, while the one potentially mitigating force, Hope, remains locked securely inside. Life is not hopeless, but each of us is hopelessly human.

It is also argued that hope was simply one of the evils in the jar, the false kind of hope, and was no good for humanity, since, later in the poem, Hesiod writes that hope is empty and no good and makes humanity lazy by taking away their industriousness, making them prone to evil.

In Human, All Too Human , philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche argued that "Zeus did not want man to throw his life away, no matter how much the other evils might torment him, but rather to go on letting himself be tormented anew.

To that end, he gives man hope. In truth, it is the most evil of evils because it prolongs man's torment. This objection leads some to render elpis as the expectation of evil, which would make the myth's tone somewhat optimistic: The optimistic reading of the myth is expressed by M.

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Elpis takes the more common meaning of expectant hope. And while the jar served as a prison for the evils that escaped, it thereafter serves as a residence for Hope. West explains, "It would be absurd to represent either the presence of ills by their confinement in a jar or the presence of hope by its escape from one. Neither Alciato nor Faerno had named who was responsible for opening the jar beyond saying it was a "mortal".

During the Renaissance it is the name of Epimetheus that is mentioned as often as not, as in the engraving by Bonasone noticed above and the mention of Pandora's partner in a rondeau that Isaac de Benserade took it on himself to insert into his light-hearted version of the Metamorphoses - although Ovid had not in fact written about it himself.

Out of it boils a cloud which carries up a man and a dragon; between them they support a scroll reading " sero nimirum sapere caepit " finding out too late , in reference to the meaning of Epimetheus' name in Greek. Another Venetian print, ascribed to Marco Angelo del Moro active — , is much more enigmatic. Usually titled "Pandora's Box, or The Sciences that Illuminate the Human Spirit", it portrays a woman in antique dress opening an ornate coffer from which spill books, manuscripts, snakes and bats.

By Pandora's side is a woman carrying a burning brand, while a horned figure flees in the opposite direction. Above is a curved vault painted with signs of the zodiac to which the sun-god Apollo is pointing, while opposite him another figure falls through the stars. Commentators ascribe different meanings to these symbols as contradictory as the contents of the chest.Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Hobbs gives a decently detailed look into what it's like to be a woman working a "normal" job, raising a son by herself, having her dreams crushed by someone else, and then havi I finished this last night, sooner than I expected actually.

As I was reading this book I felt very sad.

One day when she is alone she decides to open the box, as soon as she opens it horrible looking creatures begin to fly out, so she quickly closes it. She was a single mother that had no job, and no way out. If you get the reader's digest version, it be worth it. site Payment Products. Colleen rated it really liked it Jul 14,