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Are you looking for Notebook Blank vectors or photos? We have free resources for you. Download on Freepik your photos, PSD, icons or vectors of. Best Notebook Free Vector Art Downloads from the Vecteezy community. Notebook Free Vector Art licensed under creative commons, open source, and. Best Spiral Notebook Free Vector Art Downloads from the Vecteezy community. Spiral Notebook Free Vector Art licensed under creative commons, open.

The first volume was published in , and the books have subsequently been collected in both a box set and a single volume. There is also an audiobook version of each book, read by George S. The audiobooks are presented in unabridged format with the exception of a handful of missing stories from the first book. This series is listed as being the most challenged series of books from — The surreal, nightmarish illustrations contained within are also a frequently challenged component of the original books.

To celebrate the books' 30th anniversary in , Harper Collins re-released the books with new illustrations from Brett Helquist, the illustrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events. This was not well received from fans of Gammell's illustrations, citing that they are not as effective or as scary as the originals.

To further elaborate, critics note the remade drawings are not only in fact insulting to horror, art, but also both Stephen Gammell and Alvin Schwartz themselves, new and old fans alike, and that the original messages and themes are lost when not paired with the drawings made for them. A counterpoint often made to people against the original drawings is that if a child can't handle the disturbing images, they won't be able to handle the disturbing stories.

On April 29th , Guilermo Del Toro was announced as co writer of the film. Stine and several other authors of s and s children's horror. A documentary about the book series titled Scary Stories was produced, which involved the family of Alvin Schwartz and features the controversial nature of the books as well as the folklore and the art that inspired many over the years.

Ptcas essay help Our free printable writing resources make it easy to start your book publishing project and align with educational standards, including Common Core. Whether your class is brainstorming, editing or needs a check-list for your final drafts — we have printable worksheets for every step of the writing process. Select your grade level then click on the documents below to view, print or download.

Worksheets for Grades K — 1 Worksheets for Grades 2 — 3 Worksheets for Grades 4 — 5 Lesson Plans for Grades K — 12 Studentreasures Publishing offers free creative writing worksheets to help teachers give students a headstart on publishing a book as a class. These printable worksheets make every step of the writing process more enjoyable and easier to finish.

These resources offer students writing prompts, and they also help students meet the learning goals of their grade level for English language arts ELA.

Whether your students need to brainstorm, write, or edit their book, these printable worksheets are a great help. Simply browse below to find worksheets that are right for your students. Make writing fun for young learners with these printable writing worksheets. Learn more about creative writing for kindergarten and first grade students today. Show me a written curriculum vitae Mills' graduate programs in Creative Writing and Literature place you at the cutting edge.

Your work here will transform you and the world around you. Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mills College is at the center of a vital artistic and literary community. Our graduate programs in creative writing and literature are distinguished by their long-established reputations, innovation, outstanding faculty, and commitment to a vision of the literary arts as socially transformative.

We are committed to your professional development and our curriculum also includes classes focused on pedagogy, publishing, and performance.

And we offer a wide range of part-time graduate assistantships to help fund your studies. We offer a master of arts MA degree in English Language and Literatures and a master of fine arts MFA degree in creative writing with a focus on poetry or prose fiction or creative nonfiction , with options for both full and part-time study. We will also explore the larger political and cultural functions of language, including the role the English language played and plays in the development of English and American identity, its use in the project of colonization, and the way language intersects with constructions of class, race, and gender.

ENG Advanced Expository Writing 3 Credits A course in expository writing for students who feel they need to polish their styles, and for those who still need some work on basic problems.

A good deal of emphasis is placed on sentence patterns and on paragraph organization. In addition to expository and persuasive writing exercises, the student will also practice descriptive and narrative prose. Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students.

ENG Topics in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture Credits This course provides an intensive introduction to aspects of late medieval and early modern literature and culture through the study of a specific genre, topic or theme. Students will read widely and diversely in the genre so as to gain a fluency in the history, aesthetics, social uses, and distribution of the genre.

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Note s : Priority enrollment goes to MFA graduate students in the English Department; MA students in English can enroll on a space available basis; graduate students in other departments need consent of the chair of the English Department. Possible course foci include Chaucer, non-Chaucerian medieval literature, medieval and early modern drama, non-Shakespearean drama, premodern sexuality, witchcraft, premodern colonialism or race and ethnicity in premodern Europe.

See the English department's list of course descriptions or contact the professor to find out the particular focus of the class for a given semester. ENG Artful Prose: Grammar and Style for Writers 3 Credits This class focuses on syntax as style—the "essential structure" of the sentence, and the relation of style to the craftsmanship, artistry, and voice of the writer. Designed to enhance students' ability to think about and incorporate issues of prose style in deliberate and sophisticated ways, the class will offer students a vocabulary and a skill set for implementing nuanced issues of English style and syntax.

The class is recommended for creative and critical writers. Prerequisite s : ENG Note s : Students seeking more work on the structure and development of critical papers and argumentation are welcome, but may also want to consider ENG Advanced Expository Writing. ENG The Craft of the Young Adult Novel 3 Credits This course will examine a wide selection of fiction aimed at readers aged , focusing on the authors' crafting of the novel, including plot and theme, style, and character development.

ENG Performing Writing 1 Credits Performance of writing creates opportunities for writers to prepare their work for readings, spoken word performances, conferences, and one performer shows.

We will consider the historical events, social issues, genres, and series that have shaped generations of American readers in the 20th century. We reflect on the sources of our expression that come from memory, character and condition, and determine how to access them.

We examine the intent and impact of various modes of writing and create strategies for presentation. We view and critique works from Ted Talks to spoken word and readings. Literature and Social Change Credits This class explores ways that American writers have used their novels, poems, and essays to construct, challenge, and revise our understanding of the role of the civic leader in a democratic society.

Our practices include learning techniques for excerpting, speaking, coloring narrative, and dealing with live audiences and equipment. Close reading will be augmented by examinations of Shakespeare's social and cultural context and secondary scholarship. ENG Intro to Podcasting 4 Credits This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of audio storytelling with a strong basis in news reporting.

They will learn to use professional audio recording equipment as well as how to incorporate mobile journalism techniques using their cell phones to produce narrative-driven news podcasts. They will cover events on campus as well as stories from the wider Oakland and Bay Area communities, write scripts and edit with Audacity sound software.

Their podcasts will be highlighted on the class web site, shared with the campus Campanil site and promoted via social media channels. Note s : Course size is limited due to the number of sound recorders and microphones available for checkout at Audio Visual Services.

Instructor Consent Required: Y ENG 20th-Century African American Literature Credits This course will investigate some of the literary forms, artistic strategies, and intellectual concerns that shaped and defined African American literature during the 20th century. The course will also focus on the sociopolitical and historical context for these writers and their works.

ENG Fiction Since Credits Students will read late 20th- and early 21st-century works of fiction, many of which explore how public events impinge on private lives in times of intense historical pressure. Close reading and discussion, midterm and final exams, and a term paper that makes some use of secondary sources. Graduate students in ENG will give oral reports on secondary texts.

Issues will include how these poets went about making poems; the inter connection between form and content; the elements of poetry, speaker, and audience; the theory and poetics of English Renaissance poetries; the formation of canon; and attitudes toward love carnal and divine and toward women.

Close readings and discussion, with sustained focus on craft e. Note s : Priority to students in English Department programs including Journalism ; consent of the instructor required for all other students. ENG Digital Storytelling Credits This course is organized around a series of questions about the transformation of storytelling in the digital age. We will explore ways in which storytelling is being disrupted in response to emerging technologies, and we will survey a wide range of creative responses.

We will consider the structure of narrative in traditional articles, and we then explore how narrative is constructed using other media, including audio, video, photography and interactive experiences created online.

ENG 18th-Century Poetry and Prose Credits Eighteenth-century England is often referred to as the Age of Reason, a period of seemingly political stability and formally elegant literature.

However, the 18th century was also a period of chaos. In a world seemed turned upside down, daily life was dangerous and unpredictable, and women and the lower classes—both disenfranchised—posed new threats to the social order. We will read canonical and lesser-known works in light of these views of that period.

We read canonical and lesser known writers in conjunction —as they were read by their own audiences. We read each novel with close attention to form and the development of narrative, as well as placing it within its various historical contexts. We explore the ways in which novelistic narrative shaped and was shaped by social constructions of law, nation, economics, and religion, as well as shifting notions of subjectivity.

Possible topics include religion and poetry, Jewish and Christian literary relations; faith, spirit, and ritual in African American literature; religious contexts and Russian writers; and literature and the sacred.

The course will explore the major trends strategies, influences, and aesthetic practices that defined and shaped writing during this period, with special attention to the ways that questions of audience and region impacted African American writers and the work they produced.

All topics will include study of religious and spiritual traditions and literary texts. Students read a book by each visiting writer and then discuss it. Readings will include novels, poetry, short stories, essays, slave narratives and other autobiographical works. Students will meet four times with a director two times each semester , submit a draft of the thesis at the beginning of the second semester, revise it, and submit a final version at the end of the semester.

Supervised by an appointed director with additional support from an appointed reader. In the course, they will each complete a thesis of 25—40 pages. They will also polish professional skills such as: presenting conference papers, teaching literature, completing an annotated bibliography, researching literary criticism, revising work into different forms, etc.

ENG Poets of Color of the 20th and 21st Centuries Credits This course examines the movements of poets of color of the last hundred years with emphasis on how the Harlem Renaissance foreshadowed the Black Arts Movement, the Spoken Word Movement, and poetry by writers of color.

Through discussion, research, writing, and presentation, we examine and create methodologies that address characteristics and cultural attributes of the writing. Special attention is paid to creation of new forms, themes, tributes, and historic testimony. ENG Advanced Fiction for Children and Young Adults Workshop 3 Credits In this advanced writing workshop focusing on fiction especially the novel for children and teenagers, students will read extensively to familiarize themselves with a sampling from the body of children's literature, and will write chapters and an outline of their own novel for younger readers.

Note s : English majors: Please note limitations for lower- and upper-division creative writing workshops listed under requirements for the English major. Instructor Consent Required: Y ENG Topics in African Literature Credits Focusing primarily on fiction, we will explore works in English by writers from all over Africa paying particular attention to aspects of craft as well theoretical priorities and cultural positions.

Discussions will focus on matters of exile, place and displacement, language, colonialism, gender, sexuality, and more. We will also examine theoretical work that helps locate the writings within the historical, philosophical, and aesthetic traditions of the literature. Includes some discussion of traditions and social conditions that have influenced the development of the theater. ENG American Literature to Romanticism Credits With an emphasis on the years to , this course will explore several works that have significantly influenced the study of literature in the U.

Discussions will focus on issues such as the American Renaissance, historical context, and national identity. Discussions will include considerations as to the effects of two world wars and the Great Depression on American writing, the nature of artistic experimentation and aesthetic reevaluation initiated by the famous Lost Generation of the '20s, and the increasing role of women and writers from ethnic minorities in changing the role of literature in the academy and in society.

ENG Theories of Creativity and the Teaching of Creative Writing 3 Credits Through the study of historical and current theories on creativity, we will examine and evaluate the practices of teaching creative writing. ENG Graduate Poetry Workshop 3 Credits A workshop, discussion, and mutual criticism class for the student who has already begun to achieve an individual voice.

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Note s : Open to graduate students in English Department programs only; consent of the chair of the English Department required for all other graduate students. Topics will include the origins of creativity, the relevance of craft to creativity, and whether creative writing can be taught. ENG Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing 4 Credits An introduction to current theories of writing pedagogy with an emphasis on issues related to first-year college composition.

In addition to analysis of literary form and theme, we will consider the historical context for these works, including urbanization, industrialization, the rise of big business, women's suffrage, and post-Civil War race relations.

ENG Graduate Prose Workshop 3 Credits A workshop, discussion, and mutual criticism class for the student who has already begun to achieve an individual voice. Course requires 2-hour-per-week practicum in relevant college writing course. ENG English Romantic Poetry Credits This course is a selective survey of British poetry from —, a time of rapid, often violent, political and cultural changes and reaction to these changes.

Note s : Required for graduate students receiving departmental assistantships in the College Writing program. We will consider the intersections of large and small revolutions, turning points, circles, moments, including for example: political revolutions—French and American—and revolutions of manners, science, and industry. Note s : Sophomores need consent of instructor Limit 20 students. Notebook background colored 3d design pencil icon decor.

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Eraser pecil notebook magnifying glass. Folded craft paper and felt tip pen near the blank spiral notepad on yellow background freepik 1k Office desktop with a laptop and mobile phone freepik 11 1. They are restricted to students with appropriate background and proven ability as determined by the faculty supervisor, and require approval of the head of the department in which they are undertaken.