Only Frederick Forsyth, the unparalleled master of the novel of international intrigue, could create this riveting thriller, as timely and unsettling as tomorrow's. “Vintage Forsyth, intricate, exact and gripping.”—The New York Times Book Review. “Frederick Forsyth’s latest epic has reverted to the masterly storytelling that has won him so many fans. “For years, Frederick Forsyth has been known as the man who wrote The Day of. Frederick Forsyth Icon - [FREE] FREDERICK FORSYTH ICON Frederick McCarthy Forsyth,. CBE (born 25 You can access the eBooks in either PDF and/or.

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FREDERICK FORSYTH ICON PDF - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the web. Our Over manuals. and in hardcover icon - cdneterhuman - frederick forsyth – the fourth protocol 1 don't miss these frederick exley pdf ebook - buddhalabs - frederick forsyth icon . Icon by Frederick Forsyth Download The Deceiver by Frederick Forsyth Download The Devil's alternative by Frederick Forsyth Download.

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Mar 18, Pages. Jul 05, Minutes. It is summer in Russia, a country on the threshold of anarchy.


An interim president sits powerless in Moscow as his nation is wracked by famine and inflation, crime and corruption, and seething hordes of the unemployed roam the streets. For the West, Russia is a basket case.

But for Igor Komarov, one-time army sergeant who has risen to leadership of the right-wing UPF party, the chaos is made to order. As he waits in the wings for the presidential election of January , his striking voice rings out over the airwaves offering the roiling masses hope at last—not only for law, order, and prosperity, but for restoring the lost greatness of their land.

Who is this man with the golden tongue who is so quickly becoming the promise of a Russia reborn?

A document stolen from party headquarters and smuggled to Washington and London sends nightmare chills through those who remember the past, for this Black Manifesto is pure Mein Kampf in a country with frightening parallels to the Germany of the Weimar Republic. Officially the West can do nothing, but in secret a group of elder statesmen sends the only person who can expose the truth about Komarov into the heart of the inferno.

Monk has a dual mission: But he has a personal mission as well: To do this he must stay alive—and the forces allied against him are ruthless, the time frighteningly short.

But instead of going into the past, he has set Icon in the future, and allowed his imagination to rise above the constraints of the facts that he uses to frame every book.

The result is one of his best works for a long time, which provides an all-too-real look at a chilling new millennium. Icon— dare I say it?

Colonel Nikolai Ilyich Turkin, the first Soviet to be recruited by Monk, develops a close friendship with him after Monk saves his son from dying of a tropical disease. He is, however, the last CIA agent caught by the Soviets, with Grishin supervising the capture in Berlin as Monk watches close by after their last meeting.

Turkin is interrogated and sent to a labour camp. There, dying of typhoid, he pens a letter to Monk detailing his interrogation and torture at the camps, and bids a final farewell.

Frederick Forsyth

Monk, filled with anger and grief, attacks a bureaucrat known to have aided Ames, and this leads to his expulsion from the CIA. In , he leads a quiet life in the Turks and Caicos Islands , taking tourists on fishing trips. Irvine visits him and talks about the plan against Komarov; Monk refuses, having sworn never to return to Russia, but agrees when he is given the chance to take revenge on Grishin, who is working as Komarov's security chief.

He returns to Russia and rounds up a ring of influential figures to his cause by showing them the "Black Manifesto", and, with the aid of the Chechen mafia , whose leader owes Monk his life, he begins a series of schemes aimed at derailing Igor Komarov's presidential campaign.

Background[ edit ] The book features real-life spy Aldrich Ames as a character. Ames, a Central Intelligence Agency operative, had exchanged secrets to Soviet agents for money; his actions figure in the plot of Icon.

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Several real-life political figures are also characters in the story as members of the "Council of Lincoln," a secret group of influential world leaders, and the plot features them having an annual conference at a member's ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. The endgame of the plot involves installing a personified icon to help ensure stability in Russia without having to resort to ultranationalism or a return to Communism.LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

site It is and Russia is on the edge of total implosion. The endgame of the plot involves installing a personified icon to help ensure stability in Russia without having to resort to ultranationalism or a return to Communism.

It is summer in Russia, a country on the threshold of anarchy. Related Articles.