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Women know youre confusedand they forgive you. Any MMK moments in your life that would be perfect for a movie plot? Lahat naman tayo may MMK moments sa buhay. Sino bang tao ang wala? But I had just one goal, anywayto become a cinematographer.

So kinaya ko lahat ng hirap. How difficult was it, exactly? Ang hirap sabihin sa magulang na ang gusto kong gawin, sa arts, which many people think doesnt pay well.

My mom was supportive from the start, but it was hard to convince my dad that it would work. Hes not a big fan of movies. Hes a civil structure engineer; he designs oil platforms. Sobrang talino sa math; unfortunately, I didnt inherit that. Neither did my sister, whos a successful photojournalist. Pareho But despite that, you were able to make your first movieMayohanas Yes, pero nabaon ako sa utang for five years.

I had to fund it myself since I didnt have a producer.

So tipong lahat ng savings ko, nakuha ko na. Umutang na ko sa parents ko. Pati sa mga titong minsan ko pa lang yata nakikita, yung mga halos hindi ko kilala. Tapos kulang pa rin. The film went super over-budget. When I finally computed the cost properlyfuck, ang laki! Para akong nagpaaral ng college student. So nag-bank loan pa ko. I finished paying it all back just last year. All worth it, though, right? Oo naman. I just thought of all those loans I made as a five-year investment.

So siya yung nagrecommend sa kin kay Direk Cathy [Garcia-Molina], and thats how I got my first break with mainstream [films]. I got the directing job for English Only Please because the producer liked Mayohan, too.

You bounce between being a director and a cinematographer. Which one do you enjoy doing more? I like doing both, but cinematography is my first love.

Which movies made you want to become a cinematographer? Requiem for a Dream. In the Mood for Love. Grabe ang photography nung mga yun. So how did you break into the scene? The key is to find a couple of directors na ikaw ang priority. Directors, writers, photographersyou can just make your movie, write your script, shoot your photos, then submit [your work] to festivals, writing contests, or magazines so more people can see your work.

But cinematographers have to wait for a text from a producer or director saying, May pelikula tayong gagawin. Kung walang trabaho ang director mo, wala ka ring trabaho.

Obviously, you found your director. Patanung-tanong ako, Paano ba gamitin yang ilaw na yan? And thats how I learned. Eventually, I figured, Sino ba yung director na ako yung first choice as director of photography?

Thank Godl ls there truth to the 'once a twotimer always a cheat' sayinEl? C onsidedntgh at theret a lot of temptations around,i f he couldn'tr esist the first how can he resist the next one? Y ouc an't changea guy. Would cheating be part of your agenda? I f there'sa reasonf or me to cheat, maybe.

But if there'sn one,I won't. I know howi t feeLs it stinks. B esideIs won't hut him in any way. Would you be around? P iobabLyye s. Why not? Dating is tun When someone comesin to my life I make suret hat it Lastse veni f the relationshipis boring.


Cuiiosityk iLLetdh e cat rememberG? My boyfriend. None other than the guy of course No comment. Youe ncountera hot guy and he asks for a one-night stand.

N ope. I want serious relationships. It's a no no. I don'tw ant my partner to do such an act elther. Kidding aside, no! How about hookin' up with a man who's sporting a ring? No wayl Married men just causeh eartachesT. Give us an idea: If he doesn't give me the satisfactiona n!

I addeds trawberrieasn d champagnteo set the mood and I made sure that I tucked my kid to bed before my husbanda rived. After dinner we immediatety played around.

Ellen Adarna FHM Collection.pdf

I suggestetdh at we qo to our room m case our daughterw akesu p. He carried me uP the staircase and into the room and threw me to the bed. H eb eggedfo r a strip dancea ndI agreedI. In came my daughter l4rith steepy eyes askinq me for a glass of water.

I t wass uppbsedto bridge gaps and it was aLso a good way to save money for the organizationM. When peoplew ered ecidingw here to sleep he just puiled me into one of the beds.

Nobody seemedto notices o I agreed. We waited until everyone wasa sleept,h en we stated kissing. Slowty he undid my bra strap and went down on me undert he blankets,o f course I.

I was so vret and he fett it so we did it gentLyin a spoonp osition.

I didn't want to since I barely knew the guy but I was left with no choiceW. I was so lissed that they yere all guys. So most of the trme I was Left in our cottage alone.

I droppedth e book and started feeting his dick. Too bad we had to go back to Manita the next day I work as a Business Developmenotf ficeri n one of the top five office systems companyh erei n the metro. WeLLit, wasn't all steeping. Since we were both hot and homy we decidedto watch pom moviesW.

Motning came and since we didn't want to get caught by his parents I had to leave really earLy. But mY bo! Whenw e werer eachingth e climax for tllit round we wereb oth shockedw hent he door opened and in came his moml Shej ust simptys aid, h"g dgd , , r y d " d r ,. A couple of years back, I went through a very difficuLt breakup with my botrfriend at the time.

Wanting to soothe my grolvrng depressionm, y friends invited me to go with them to a bar in Malate,w hich I obliged to. After a coupte shots of tequila I felt tipsy andb ecameu nexpectedly homy. I then focusedm y attention to this skinhead guy who's been eyeing my ftiends and I since we enteredt he bar. T iredo f just staring at each othet I approachehdi m anda sked him to dance with me.

I was weadnq a very short skirt, that's whY it was easy for him to do his deed. It felt so good that I starteds wayingm oret o his thrusting than to the music. It wast he craziesnt ight of my life; I didn't even bother going back to my fi-iends' table as the guy and I headedto the nearesmt otel to continue with our dance. F axit o r emaiitt fhm summjtrnedja. Wep romisteo tete verYonken ow!

UlSWnN 'Lt9 2 89 t p l! Are you surcrised you lasted this long? JB Leonor: No, we were not really ErpELu'19 d r! Xvery year that went by I remenberJ B sayirg," 0kay, we'reg oodf or anothery ear. But the mostc hattengingti me was when Teddy Diaz, The Dam's originaLg uitarist d ied,k ala naminv ,r'alnaa talaga.

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In those 20 years, what do you think has changed in you guys? JBr Hairstylel Ha ha hal Body weight also. Francis Reyes: I don't really know, I still feel the sameI. How has your music changed over the years? From the very start, The Dawn has aLwaysb een about change. A lthough" changeis BreakingU sA part"!

Ha ha! The Dawn was a primetime player in the s iock scene. How do you comparc the band explosion then to what's happening now? Jettr You know Ite been asked that questron a Lot of times but it is only now that I have a ctear picture of what's qoing on. Theb ands cenen everd red,i t's aLwaybse ent here,i t's just that the industry now is more open to bands. I'm notjust refering to the music industry. Are you comfortable with being called an institution?

Buddy Zabala: As long as the institution keeps growing, keepsd evelopinqa, ian moy un. Changinqw ith the times,g rowing ]lfif ocroBER2 w wwfhm. Ifs also a nice precedent for the neraat lbum,p drdngt esting.

We'refe elinge acho ther out and maganda. Jettr Coltecilvely there was doubt. We atL had different levels of faith and doubt in it. When we were first askedt o do it, we wereL ike" Yeah, whatevers, we! A no koYang kdlalabdsdn? B"u t it wasg oodt o have a wdter and diJector who's a fan, someone who, in a way, reaLly wanted to be a part oI The Dawn.

Hew asv ery opent o suggestionfsto m everyone and he actually asked our opinion on a lot of things. How elated are you about the overwhelming positive vibes that have accompanied the film's success? It was a fun expedence making the movie to begin with and once we'd finished it, we felt we'd done somethingg ood. B ut the peoplet reactron was rcally amazing.

We knew that we came out with something good as a team. We never really expectedp eoplet o Loveit. Wed idn't get into it thinking tlat we're going to havea parallelc areeti n acting.

Qi How has your music changedo v-etrh e years?

Any lifechanging message You wish to convey through lulad ng Dat? As far as the band is with the culture and findinq its significant place in society.

Then it's okay being called an "institutlon. W oldnqg rowth,t here'sn othing dynamic about it.

Anxiety & Depression Workbook

But if it's about change, sunaval, and thriving in the industry that we've chosen, then ifs okay to be called an institution. Do newbies hassle you often for advice? Jeth We never give unsolicited advice, only when we're asked. Then basicaLly we give them a pictwe of what we've been thmugh, how we'd coped and managed with the times. Case-to case basisd in kari.

It shouLbde a collective effot. You've got four to five guys in a group, so ifs rea up to them how to handle themselves. Youi recently released commemorative album showcases new takes on old classics. Was this an effort to keep up with the times? ErancigrI think a largep art of it is becauseth erew eres ongsn c we recordedd udng a certainp edodn a we were not reaLly happy with the results.

It was more of a technical issuei n the sensen o we knewt hat we can record the song better, makinq it sound better. The band's fote kari is playing tive and a large part of our frustration is that our recordste nd not to capturet hat Live aspectA.

But hopefully theYtl undetstand what we're tryinq to do. If theyle cuious about how the band concemedI, don't think therew as an effot to make an impact. We didn't approachit asu s changing the whole film industry We just thought that it was nice to be part of something different.

Jett It's about life. Ifs a microcosmo f solts. I guessth ey alsos aw themselveisn the movie. I fs about family, love and rediscovering yourself,v ery universatLh emes. And it's a very different medium din kosi I mean, a concet can do wondersb, ut throught his film, we werea blet o touchp eople.

I t pretty muchs ealedth e 20 years. Yung ending din kasi ng movie suggestns d ifs time to moveo n. How do you deal with sexually aggressive tans?

G entLyH! We bare them up then tie thern up. S omeoneo ncep ushedm e into a room and then locked it. It wasa gi': And then I heard them sayil. Nasaan si Kiko? S omebodoyn cet hrew an unused sanitary napkin. Buh nd langu nused. H a hal Ever tried to make love to The Dawn's catalog of hits? Nol Ha hal Buddy: T hafsm e playing, baby.

JeLt "Ayan pdbilb na yon nang pabilis. That dependso n us really. You take away The Dawn, wala na Idhat yun. Interview8 y B. E orteo B asta-baston a lang lumalabosy ung hulas a bibig ko. Pero most of these so-caLled predictionws eren eant to bejokes taiaga.

Like the one about the Sexiest result. I didn't even know what your 5 - plans irere. S o ndqulafd kow herr j E you called ana toid rne na I'tl be I E oneo f youro ctoberc overg irls. E a Care to predict your ranking in -; next year's 1OO Sexiest poll. We hate to see i I you cry, but that Tv moment was: I cried becauseI was ovetwhelrned by all the bLessingtsh at were coming my way.

Umiyak aka kasi Jino ,d nomdna ko compatedto other establisheds tars,d i ba? Perc narita pa rin oko. They've been giving me nothing but great roles right noyr. Hindi nila ako pinapdbayaan. Umiyak ako kasi yung mga fans na nagpapalokansg loob ko, sumuportat aLagas a akin.

Umiyak ako kasim asayang-masaylaan g ako. Kahit, hella, alam kong hindi ako ang pinaka-sexy sa Pilipinas. Why do you even think that now? Einil[ namon talaga ako sexy, eh. WeIl, yung pagiging sexy depende naman sa tumitingin yun. Puwedeng sey ang isang tao dahil maganda ang katawan niya. It can be because she has beautiful eyes. Sila kasi ang logi kong inaabangann aan,S ow henw e were nominated for the first time, I reaLi. This year's poll was incomplete without the intrigues, of course.

The Katdna versus Angel Locsin angle was played up a bit. Bdsto masaya na dka saan man ako rna? L ike in any awards,i t's causee noughf ot happinessth at you are recoqnized,d i bc? A ng alamk o, maramia ngb umobotas a akin. Eindi ko tolaga makakalimutan yung paghihirap nila para sa akin, Sa amin ni lngel, wala iyon, lne time nga during the heat of alL these ranking talks, she came up to me and said, "Kaftjlra, may nag-intervievt sd akin.

Pinag aaway nila tayo. What were you thinking while doing your victory walk at the Sexiest party? Nahihiya ako, Parang hindi ko alam kung gusto talaga ako ng tao o ftindi.

F eeLingk o any minute may magbu-bosoa dkin. S obrang nahihiya aka talaga. I t wasl oveLy. After that she took controi of her future. And look at her now-she has made the successfli transition to being a household na,ne. We see her on TV thrice a week; she already has kids for fans. She doesn't need the introduction we painstakingly gave her in Novembeol f S he'sf amous beyond her er.

Not to brag but, we had a hand in this It's amazing you're a household name now when in '03 we took great pains introducing you to the nation. How are you taking this? I'm happy and flattered when I get the attention.

I'm also happy that apart from men and some women, kids also know me now. But overaLth, indi ko intttD na star dko para hindi pumasok sa ulo ko. Now, we're not quite sure if you're still the can't"touch-her sex kitten or our everyday TV buddy. WeLlI, can tell you that if ever there are offers for me to go sexy, 1? Not that I didn't choose then. Jingle, dumb bombshell, is a blast! And youle such a natural.

Or is it too natural? Di kaya may tt llng ka talaEa? Actually abnormatl dldgao ko, ha ha hal Makulit talaga ako so personal. Perc siyempre inoral ko rin yung cha.

So Jingle I patterned her pout-lagi siyangn akanguspoa g ndiinis-after this characterf rom a troreanovela who I found very cute, na lagi ring nakanguos p a g naga gaLit.

And then you're crazily in love with Keempee de Leon's gay character, Harold. Would that ever happen in teal life? A ng damidami namangl alaki rlyan, FHM intelligence reports say we're slowly being outnumbered by the pink army.

Kungw alan a talaga.. Yunngarin, kahit aka nagtatakal Gusto ko na ngang mopa-ad sa diyaryan a naghahanapa ko, ha ha ha! For norc photos of Fruncine Prieto. Inte rmso f anniversarieits's, t hes loq elusiveo net hatd eatha nds econdc hitdhooodf ten orertakeN. Al8A O,I. Jo qltpd aqtlo sppo aql aruprl u!

Las, hed idn'tw inq ujtee noughvo tes. W eltt,h reet otd usa ndt he otherc omptainewdh enw e got the nameo f hisn ation'sd esert wronqs. Dearacnacues ead nationwidnee wss ensation,,. A s readersc arnef ofth with counttessta Leso f woe,t he bouncel communjryw ent mentat,S everaoI f them event hreatenedt o "bum the editor to death. S oF Hi, SouthA fricast eppeudp ,a ndl osta gain. FHrt guideto staringo uro wnr etigion shouldh aves eenu sr ichb y now.

Somethinggto new rong. He flew 15 meters, didn't get hurt and looked cool until he was beaten by fat kids. TheR omdniaBnL ai r , TraianB asescuh, ad the balB to answer our stupid questions aboutf ight jngb ears and steepingw ith fat women. F HNl. Thinggso t evenb etterw henh erh usban dth e future0 ueen'fsa theDr ockedu p at the shooai ndp ojntead g una t her. He dictated stagging off Pimp l4y Ride, Cotdplay, etc to his wife from hisw heelchaiinr his Hoi tywoohdo mei,r exchangfeo r us tetfng you to download his DVD.

We had a ptedsantc hdt with rock royattyJ oey Pepe Smith tast year. We had Concet oueenP opsin ourA ugusits suet his year. Thel ist keepso n growjng. I W-g gave birth to a nauon Philippine, "FH, Nat jor "w asjusts omethingo ur chiefs didi n passjnign a meet ing with Summifse steenreds uits a few nronths back. At its core, FHll Nation is al [ aboLrot uru nendingd evot ion to our redderst,e xtrnates,c yberpats, advertisersa, nd FH,abl abes.

L ikem agic, the corcept wast ransformedin to somethi rgm ore: This monthw e ceLebrateW. A nicen umbetro bobter FHf4. W e'relo okingf or fivew innersS. Being blindlolded mavbe, ha ha! And the way he scratches me" " I wasin the Jacuzzi once withthis woman and lelt a connection. I appreciate the way a woman makes love" F t! Theral lots oI adrenalin underwater" t2 Au aql 'sra6Eld eqt uro4 aprs! D7 su DdPttqo6du o?

You have the sixth, seventh,a ll the way to the 12th man,w ho by todaYss tandardsh, indi mo na kilala. Perc sila kilala rin ng ngd fans,m emodzedp d pdti dng rngan umbenn ila.

Ganoonk a'fdnatic ang mgo taa noong araw.


T hef answ ere di]'fdedL. Laban lang namin ang magandanpga noorin. It wasa nice experienc. Maybeit was becauseC rispav rasa textile company andm dlamis d Divisoriad ngn agtitinda ng tela. Talk were these fans would bet on Crispafo r outageousa mountr of money, iiom hunfteds to even millions.

So tlierc was this running joke that went, ". The rivatry was so intense that the PBA had to assign different exits for the two teams just so they wouldn't bunp into each other. There was some sort of unwritten afiangement that they be givens eparatep arkings Lots, differents cheduletso minimizet he hostility, kdsr rnedyo9 r'qi1y ung mga. I have to adnit, rnas magulangk amingm aglaron oong orawc omparedto the playerst oday. Nandoonyu ng haharanganm a ng paa yung nga shootersl.

B ubundulink a namin. Y ung balahibom o sa hita, tatanggalinS.Recover your password. If your partner is the onew hot jealous,y ou need to reassue het Try to calm her dor4ma nd tell her to set her mind at rest by stating youl love and Loyalty to the relationshipT.

S o pteaseT. How difficult was it, exactly? Why not? Closer UK — 17 April S he'sn ot my wife To the best desjgnewr,e 'll beg ivinga Diagepoa ck!